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Our team of professional negotiators and experts in business development and marketing are committed to creating successful outcomes on behalf of the clients we serve.


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Our professional negotiators and experts in business development and marketing are all united in our steadfast commitment to producing positive outcomes on behalf of those we serve. We’ve long understood that our company’s own success is dependent upon and relative to the success we create for our clients. Let us help you cut costs, procure more favorable agreements, revitalize your marketing strategy, attract new business investment, become more competitive, reinvent product or service offerings, rethink your approach, and strengthen every aspect of how you do business. Regardless of your needs, our team of experts is laser-focused on your growth and success.

Service Values & Commitment

Regardless of the services offered, our team at Dialect Groupe has built our key relationships on trust, transparency, and providing effective results. We will only take on a new short-term project or long-term client agreement if we strongly anticipate that we will work well together and be a true asset to their organization.

We take on our client’s projects and objectives as if they were our very own, and we’re never satisfied until we achieve each goal and exceed all expectations...

Professional Negotiations

Our professional negotiators are hired by start-ups, entrepreneurs, small businesses, and larger multi-national corporations for their advanced business knowledge and strategic deal-making expertise.

From effectively renegotiating existing or new contracts to engaging in more complex, higher-stake or cross-cultural business negotiations, our professionals continually strive to create successful outcomes and add irreplaceable value for the various types of clients that they serve.


When it comes to providing marketing guidance, branding strategies, and thoughtfully crafting various types of marketing plans, you can rest assured knowing that Dialect Groupe’s seasoned experts have got you covered.

Business Development

As entrepreneurs and business people themselves, our business development consultants here at Dialect Groupe will become your organization’s “think tank” and go-to expert for all business challenges, questions, inspiration, motivation, and strategies for creating sustainable growth.

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Why Professional Negotiators?

The vast majority of entrepreneurs and business leaders grossly underestimate the importance of skilled business negotiations. Contracts with everyone from employees, partners, investors, vendors, and commercial landlords are often times entered into without much consideration for how the agreement impacts the businesses long-term goals and ability to adapt to an ever-changing business climate while being competitive and maintaining profitability.

Contrary to what many may think, there is no “getting out” of an agreement when it no longer works for you – at least not without considerable payouts or liability exposure. It is for these reasons that we are hired for professional negotiations. Not only are we effective deal-makers, we are also forward-thinkers who will consider and promote your very best interests.

The Role Of Professional Negotiations

Entering into many different types of agreements is unavoidable and an essential aspect of any business. Our professional negotiators can be retained for specific projects or ongoing needs.

Contracting with us as a new client for project negotiation is subject to our acceptance and availability, while clients who retain us for ongoing negotiation services are guaranteed our immediate attention for all needs, as we’ve already gotten to know about their organization and never take on more client relationships than we can effectively manage.

Since negotiation is a custom-tailored form of art which must be skillfully adapted to each fluid situation, we do generally offer comprehensive services and negotiate on behalf of our clients. Occasionally, we are also open to working “behind the scenes” and providing business people and executives negotiation advice, direction, strategies, and techniques to optimize their chances of obtaining the most ideal outcomes.

Our professionals can work with you exclusively or collaborate with other key individuals and teams. We are also effective at cross-cultural deal-making and can perform skillful negotiations in over 30 languages.

If you are interested in further discussing the possibility of working together, we invite you to reach out to us to further discuss.


How's Your Marketing?

Let Us Help You Decide

The quality of a company’s marketing has a direct impact on their current ability to be profitable, as well as their future potential to grow and compete. While it is normal – and even positive - that marketing endeavors always seems to be somewhat of a “work in progress,” it is also essential that key marketing and branding decisions are thoughtfully crafted while considering numerous key factors – such as the current business climate, targeted demographics, long-term growth, corporate culture, and overarching objectives.

While there will always be those who believe that they are an expert in every field, our ideal marketing client is committed to their area of expertise and understands the value of outsourcing certain essential aspects of their business to skilled, specialized experts.

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Business Development

Our Consultants Get Clients Ahead


Start-up Consulting

Whether you’re a solopreneur or have put a team together, our business development consultants start by gaining an in-depth understanding of all aspects of your start-up and what you seek to accomplish. We then take on every goal, mission, and objective as if it was our very own. We offer our start-up clients seasoned knowledge, business wisdom, fresh perspectives, essential guidance, and decision-making support. We also use our affiliate network and industry connections to ensure that our client has every single resource they need to make their start-up a success!


Business Coaching

If you take a moment and think of it, the most accomplished and exceptional people in our society always have a coach. Top CEOs have coaches. World leaders have coaches. Politicians have numerous coaches, and so do Olympic athletes. If you aspire to achieve greatness for yourself or your organization, having a business coach is essential. At Dialect Groupe, our business development consultants coach clients on numerous aspects concerning personal growth, motivation, performance, and leadership. We help clients increase revenue, become more effective leaders, attract top talent and business investments, and thrive in difficult times. Your business coach will gain an in-depth knowledge of who you are and what you seek to accomplish. Your coach will motivate you, inspire you, and empower you to overcome any limitations and achieve your goals.


Strategy Consulting

Our business development strategy consultants have been the “think-tanks” for numerous entrepreneurs and companies across all geographies and sectors. We are passionate about using our decades of advanced expertise and global network to empower our clients to achieve success while overcoming their most difficult challenges. Our strategists are fully dedicated to each client commitment they take on, as we understand the importance of efficiently and cost-effectively developing winning strategies that will serve as a solid foundation for our clients to build upon and create sustainable growth. While we have found that our ongoing strategy consulting services provide the greatest benefit to those we serve, our strategists can also be retained on a per-project basis – subject to project approval and availability.


General Advisory

Our general business advisory consulting services provide clients with a go-to business development consultant who they can immediately access for any guidance, expertise, or direction on issues that are critical to their company’s everyday functioning and sustainable profitability - business relationships, vendor management, branding, marketing, public relations, operations, technology, and industry compliance. Unlike all other types of business development consulting, our general advisory consultants are always retained on an ongoing, long-term basis.

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