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Who We Are

A Team of Talented Professionals

Founded in 1996, Dialect Groupe has evolved into a world-class professional negotiation, business development, and marketing firm that has the passion and drive to create successful outcomes for entrepreneurs and small businesses, yet the level of skill and competence to effectively handle even the largest and most sophisticated high-stake negotiations on behalf of multi-national corporations.

Our professionals at Dialect Groupe speak over 30 languages, have advanced business degrees and professional licenses, and most importantly, have developed what we refer to as “entrepreneurial street smarts” from their decades of combined experience in running their own companies or being at the helm of large corporations.

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We are “in the trenches” business people. We understand business challenges and know that the odds are stacked against most entrepreneurs and companies...

Our professional negotiators, marketers, and business development consultants understand that your organization must consistently make good decisions in order to sustain itself and be able to thrive in spite of regulations, competition, disruptive business climates, and ever-increasing costs. It is for these reasons and the successful outcomes that we’ve created that our business-model has functioned almost exclusively by referral since 1996.

Indeed, we’ve always been very cognizant of the fact that our success is directly tied to that of our clients - when we give our clients the competitive edge and produce favorable outcomes for their projects, initiatives, and companies, our organization grows and thrives right along with them.

Additionally, our strengths and capabilities are further enhanced by our company affiliate network. The Marketer Loft and Medicis Marketing are leading online marketing and tech affiliates, while Dialect Realty is our affiliated real estate brokerage firm.

When becoming a Dialect Groupe client, you can rest assured knowing that our experienced professionals will take on your short-term goals and long-term mission statements as if they were our very own. Our level of commitment, competence, confidentiality, and loyalty to those we serve is truly second to none.

Situations When Our Affiliate Network Has Made All The Difference…

Our professional negotiators did a comprehensive analysis of all existing vendor agreements, sometimes bringing in pros from Medicis Marketing and TML to advise us on the current average costs of ongoing cloud data storage, website, SEO, PPC, software, and social media services. We were able to save our client nearly $500,000 annually by renegotiating vendor agreements and procuring more favorable pricing and terms with new service providers. During this same time period, we closely collaborated with our commercial real estate brokers at Dialect Realty to ensure that our client would have more than enough cost-savings to open new locations in their desired market areas. We simultaneously assisted in this decision-making and negotiation process and due to their advanced expertise, Dialect Realty was able to secure acceptable medical office spaces for a fraction of the cost our client had budgeted.

Before our professional negotiators and consultants even began to create a negotiation and marketing strategy for this client, we immediately sought out the expertise of our e-commerce web development specialists from our team of affiliates at The Marketer Loft. As expected, TML quickly delivered in creating a strategic plan and budget for custom designing and developing the multi-language, multi-currency e-commerce website that the client had envisioned. They also presented our client with realistic expectations of what they should expect to spend in terms of online marketing. Only after the website, marketing, and budgetary plans were formulated and accepted did we proceed with providing our negotiation and consulting services and involving Dialect Realty for the client’s commercial real estate needs. Eventually, the client also opted to work with The Marketer Loft and WOW – they were completely blown away with the results that TML created for their blossoming brand. This typical collaborative effort among our professionals and company affiliates consistently produces a successful outcome for our client.

As the    cloud architects at The Marketer Loft frequently explain, a large-scale online concept with high-levels of traffic and sales volume is only as strong and sustainable as the infrastructure upon which the platform is created. Before the concept is ever launched, the ability to grow seamlessly and cost-effectively must be taken into consideration. During this client project involving an excessively expensive and faulty cloud infrastructure, TML was instrumental in helping the client cut costs considerably by migrating to a new cloud server which was thoughtfully built by their own    experts. Our professional negotiators then topped-off these cost-saving efforts by negotiating new, more favorable agreements with employee recruiting websites and major online advertising networks.

Our Headquarter & Meeting Locations

To increase efficiency and the effectiveness of the services we offer, our team of professionals at Dialect Groupe mastered the “virtual” client-work relationship long before most even thought about giving it a try! While we are constantly connected with our clients via email, chat, text, teleconferences and the like, we do also enjoy in-person meetings at our U.S. based headquarter or at our numerous office meeting locations around the globe.

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